Who We Are

We envision a future where each and every person, regardless of age or background, has access to the tools and the training they need to make their dreams a reality. By operating and maintaining a physical campus, we help bring to life the vision and passions of community members. By offering classes, we introduce a new generation of makers to cutting edge techniques alongside traditional wood- and metal-craft. By hosting social events and open-houses, we cultivate a network of artists, engineers, designers, students, builders, fabricators, and teachers to find new connections and produce ‘AH-HA!” moments.

Our mission is to bring people together around their passions and interests while promoting the joys and values of making, in all its forms. To cultivate a problem-solving mindset and become a hub for endeavors which build a thriving, robust local and regional economy which celebrates the arts and sciences.

We value ingenuity, vision, tenacity, flexibility, patience, curiosity, imagination, and maybe even a little subversiveness.

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”


Ithaca Generator’s administrative structure consists of a Board of Directors and several committees. Board members and officers are elected annually. To contact the board or to volunteer to serve on a committee, email us at board at ithacagenerator dot org. Our most recent election was September 2018, with interim elections held in May 2019 to fill seats vacated through resignations. Our officers are as follows:

  • President: Elliot Wells
  • Vice President: Jason Criss
  • Treasurer: Mark Zifchock
  • Secretary: Jackie Meshako

We elected board of directors members as follows:

  • Caleb Harrington
  • Genevieve Rand
  • Nicole Marino
  • Sam Southern
  • Jon Sanders
  • Mark Rosen
  • Beline Falzon

For more information about our Board of Directors and our Officers see our Bylaws.