Who We Are

We envision a future where each and every person, regardless of age or background, has access to the tools and the training they need to make their dreams a reality. By operating and maintaining a physical campus, we cultivate synergies and foster micro-enterprise while bringing to life the vision and passions of community members. By offering classes, we introduce a new generation of makers to exciting and cutting edge techniques alongside traditional wood- and metal-craft. By hosting social events and open-houses, we cultivate a network of artists, engineers, designers, students, builders, fabricators, and teachers to find new connections and produce ‘AH-HA!” moments.

Our mission is to bring people together around their passions and interests while promoting the joys and values of making, in all it’s forms. To cultivate a problem-solving mindset and become a hub for endeavors which build a thriving, robust local and regional economy which celebrates the arts and sciences.

We are a vessel which holds all the wisdom and experience of our members; a melting pot of ideas; a forum and a shrine to creative reuse.

We value ingenuity, vision, tenacity, flexibility, patience, curiosity, imagination, and maybe even a little subversiveness.

“Imagination is more powerful than knowledge.”


Ithaca Generator’s administrative structure consists of a Board of Directors and several committees. Board members and officers are elected annually. To contact the board or to volunteer to serve on a committee, email us at board at ithacagenerator dot org. Our most recent election was fall of 2017. Our officers are as follows:

  • President: Elliot Wells
  • Vice President: Sarah Regenspan
  • Treasurer: Greg Armstrong
  • Secretary: Jackie Meshako

We elected board of directors members as follows:

  • Caleb Harrington
  • Mark Zifchock
  • Nicole Marino
  • Steve Martin
  • Kayla Crosbie
  • Mark Rosen
  • Beline Falzon

For more information about our Board of Directors and our Officers see our Bylaws.