Membership Policies

Membership Requirements

You must:

    • Be at least 13 years of age.
    • Complete and submit a Membership Form.
    • Read, sign and abide by the Membership Policies.

Special Provisions for Members who are not legally adults

If you are not legally an adult (i.e., not 18 or over and not an emancipated minor):

    • You must have your legal parent or guardian approve of your membership and sign your membership form and waiver of liability.
    • You may not use the space unattended, and must be accompanied by an adult approved by your legal parent or guardian.  Ithaca Generator is not a child-care facility and can not act in loco parentis.


    • You can admit two (2) guests to the space. It is your responsibility to ensure that your guests don’t disrupt the space or otherwise behave in a non-Excellent manner. You must be present to supervise your guests at all times. Additional guests may be admitted under certain circumstances: open house night, approved scheduled classes, and special events (approved by the membership, hosted by a member)
    • Each guest must sign a Waiver of Liability form each time they visit the space.
    • Guests must follow all applicable rules regarding tool and equipment use, including training and certification requirements.  Some tools may be restricted to use by members in good standing.

Leaving/Last Person Out

When you are done using the space, to be excellent to the next person who needs to use it:

    • Clean up the area you were working at (including the floor!), and sanitize surfaces and tools
    • Put away chairs and tables, make sure all your tools are put away in the right place
    • If there are any trash bins that are full, take out the trash (If you have a recycling program where you live, please consider grabbing a bag of recycling and take it home with you)
    • Make sure the exhaust vents are turned off (unless they need to be kept running, such as kiln ventilation).
    • Make sure all power tools (such as the air compressor) are turned off.
    • Check that all the doors are securely locked.
    • Turn off all lights.

Sleeping Policy

No sleeping is allowed in the space.  If you are too tired to work safely, go home and get some rest.


    • You may volunteer to teach a class, pursuant to the Class Policies of Ithaca Generator
    • If your class requires exclusive use of an area in the space, it must be approved and scheduled with the Board.
    • If your class will be open to the public, it must be approved and scheduled with the Board.
      • If you are going to charge a fee for the class, it must be approved and scheduled with the Board.
    • If materials are needed for the class, consider having students purchase them before coming to the class

Personal Storage

    • We offer storage for personal items at the generator for $10 a month
    • Do not go through other members’ boxes without their permission.
    • Do not put Ithaca Generator property in your box.  That’s tantamount to theft.
    • If it’s irreplaceable, take it home.
    • If you leave items lying around, they will be designated as lost property.

Cleanup and Shared Space

    • Remember that the space is shared with other members.  Act accordingly and treat them and their stuff with respect.
    • Work areas should be completely clean when you leave – be considerate for the next user. Please put tools back where you found them.
    • If you have engaged in any waste generating activity (e.g. peeling wires), vacuum, sweep, or otherwise clean up any waste.
    • If you spill anything, clean it up.
    • If you break anything, fix it.  If you can’t or don’t know how to fix it, let the Area Captain for the area know.
    • Please do not bring bikes into the space unless you are working on them, they take up too much room.

Project Limitations

    • Don’t work on projects that involve hazardous or dangerous materials.
    • Don’t work on projects you can’t get out of the space.  Remember that our entrance to IG West is down a short flight of stairs.  Don’t build the proverbial “boat in a basement”.
    • Don’t work on projects that prevent others from using the space.


    • Don’t use power tools or equipment other than hand tools unless you’ve been trained on them first.
    • Don’t defeat or hack safety features/equipment. This is for other people’s safety as much as yours.
    • Don’t be on fire.