Schedule of Fees

Last updated 5/19/2016


This document describes the tiers of membership in terms of rights, responsibilities, and associated fees. It further defines terms of payment (e.g. how often and how much) and special considerations for students, families, and lifetime membership.

General Membership Tier Rights

* Basic and Standard members may only access the space and tools during advertised open hours or when at least one member with Keys to the Space is otherwise present.
** Access to Heavy Tools also requires general and tool-specific safety training.
† Along with this right comes the responsibility to ensure the space is secure when leaving if you are the last member present with Keys to the Space. With great power…

Enrollment Fees

Basic: $20/mo
Standard: $35/mo
Extra: $75/mo
Benefactor: $100/mo

Lifetime Membership

For a one-time contribution of $5000 or more (either in cash or an equivalent material contribution value as determined by the Board of Directors), a member may join at the Benefactor tier and be recognized at that level indefinitely without subsequent enrollment renewals being required.


The following discounts are available to members at the time of enrollment. Only one of these discounts may be applied to any individual member.

Student Enrollment

With proof of current enrollment in a primary or secondary school (e.g. K-12 or college), students are eligible to receive a 25% discount on enrollment in any of the General Membership Tiers and Enrollment Periods previously described.

Family Enrollment

If a member has additional legally recognized family members (i.e. dependant or spouse), the first additional family member is charged at 50% of the normal rate, the second at 25% the normal rate, and each additional family members is 10% the normal rate thereafter.

If the entire family does not wish to enroll at the same tier and/or period of enrollment, the most expensive total commitment is charged the normal rate, the next most expensive commitment is charged at 50% of the normal rate, the next most expensive commitment is charged at 25% the normal rate, and each additional family member is charged at 10% of the normal rate thereafter.


Ithaca Generator offers a limited number of full and partial scholarships to members with financial need or special circumstances. Email us at to find out about available scholarships.

Payment, Records, and Reminders

Members are encouraged to pay for their memberships with a PayPal subscription to cut down on administrative overhead. Failure to pay membership fees terminates membership rights and responsibilities, and a new application will need to be submitted to regain membership rights. For timely renewals, no new enrollment application is necessary. Enrollment fees are non-refundable.


The rights, responsibilities, discounts, and fee schedule described in this document are subject to change.