Report on Our October 6th Dance Marathon Fundraiser

On October 6th Ithaca Generator held a dance marathon fundraiser we called The 12-Hour Dance Out. Eight intrepid dancers collected pledges and danced for up to 12 hours in support of the Generator; additional dancers signed on on the day of the event to collect even more money; eight of Ithaca’s best DJ’s provided music; […]

IG Celebrates Two Years; Come Party on the 19th

Yes we’ve occupied our space in Press Bay Alley for two years! Come help us celebrate with a potluck on Friday December 19th 6pm to 8pm. Tell us what you are bringing here. Don’t buy! As part of the celebration we will be offering gift-making workshops all weekend long. See our class pages for details.

Ithaca Generator Wins Second Place in Maker Faire Power Racing Series!

Our electric race car “the Dragon” wowed the crowds last week at the Maker Faire in New York City. We’ve been hard at work all summer building the car out of bike parts and steel tubing, engineering a novel tilting chassis that allows the driver to lean into turns, and decorating the body with a […]

Team Race Condition Racing to Build a Power Wheels Race Car

As noted in a previous post, Ithaca Generator has formed a crack team of makers to build our very own race car. We intend to race in the NYC Maker Faire Power Racing Series in September. In spite of our inexperience and wild ambition to build a novel tilting vehicle, we are making progress! We […]

Game night on Friday was a big success!

Game night on Friday was a big success!  Enough people showed up to play games that early on we had trouble finding a game that we could all play.  Luckily John showed up (yet another player!) with Cosmic Wimpout, which is a fine as-many-as-will dice game. I started the game well, scoring 105 points on […]

Interactive Art-Making Opportunity

Ithaca Generator has joined the elite group of organizations that host First Friday Gallery Night, a “monthly walkable tour of downtown Ithaca galleries and art houses”. Next Friday May 3rd promises to be a doozy, as our Press Bay Alley is also hosting the annual art book and eating expo known at The Arcades Project. […]

From Sketch to Reality: Metalwork at the Generator

I get a unique makerly kind of satisfaction from imagining something, sketching it, and then bringing it into reality. And I think it is this palpable satisfaction that is behind the rapid spread of makerspaces worldwide. At the moment I am getting a lot of this makerly satisfaction from my metalwork projects at the Generator. […]

Meet Our Interns

The Generator has been blessed with the presence of three Lehman Alternative Community School interns on Thursdays: Lukas, Max Gilmore, and Ian Cullings. They have been sorting electronics components, salvaging electronics parts, helping set up shop tools, and helping with bike repairs. Thanks guys!

Finishing Furnishing

We are almost finished furnishing the makerspace. After our open house last month we set right to work. Our classroom plan called for flexibility: it is now set up so that we can move our folding tables out of the center of the room in order to hold robot competitions, play Twister, and work on […]

Our Kickstarter Champions

Two of our founding members, Dirk Swart and Vic Aprea, own an electronics company name Wicked Device. And how very wicked they are. Dirk just sent round this note: Hi folks, I thought I would share that the Air Quality Egg we demo’d last Friday was voted Best of Kickstarter: 2012. Cheers Dirk