Breaking News: We won a 3D Printer!

It’s official—the Ithaca Generator is awesome, and we’re not the only ones that think so! The winners in the Lulzbot Hackerspace 3D Printer Giveaway were announced today, and the Ithaca Generator is one of eight hackerspaces selected to receive a LulzBot A0-100 3D printer!

LulzBot is a Mendel Max RepRap printer manufactured by Aleph Objects, Inc. of Loveland, CO. Follow the link below and check out how awesome *they* are!

Our entry was selected from more than 200 submissions worldwide, and we’re on the podium with other hackerspaces in GA, FL and NC as well as São Paulo, Brazil, Athens, Greece, Madrid, Spain and Warsaw, Poland. Our submission highlighted all of the great Open Source projects that our members have been involved with and our commitment to community involvement and maker education. This incredibly useful donation should arrive within a week or so!

Join us tonight for the 3D Printing Hangout as we celebrate and talk about the new printer! Chris will focus on the specifications and show off some video for those who are interested, and we can brainstorm all of the cool stuff we’d like to print. We’ll bring some snacks and beverages, and we’ll start the festivities around 6:30.

Here’s a great big Ithaca Generator THANK YOU to our friends at LulzBot! We can’t wait to start printing things!

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