Maker Spotlight: Bike Club!

Meet the makers! This is part of our series of posts introducing you to some of our spectacular members. But instead of a single member, we’re spotlighting a group: meet the Bike Club. For several years Laurence managed a free bike clinic in Ithaca called the Friends Bike Clinic. For two hours a week volunteer mechanics […]

Summer Fun at The Makerspace

Hi IG Community. Summer is here – yay! – and there are a few things you should know about: 1. Robo Sumo and Open House. We’ll be open all day Saturday 30 May for Ithaca Festival. Mark will be hosting a Robo Sumo event for those who want to build and compete. Plus we’ll just be open […]

Handmade in America Fest

On Saturday, July 5th we participated in a “Made in America Fest” in Press Bay Alley. Pressbay Alley, for those who haven’t seen it yet, is a new micro-retail spot on Green Street just west of Cayuga in Ithaca NY. We were thrilled to be included because we see makerspaces playing an important role in the “Handmade in America” […]

Team Race Condition Racing to Build a Power Wheels Race Car

As noted in a previous post, Ithaca Generator has formed a crack team of makers to build our very own race car. We intend to race in the NYC Maker Faire Power Racing Series in September. In spite of our inexperience and wild ambition to build a novel tilting vehicle, we are making progress! We […]

From Sketch to Reality: Metalwork at the Generator

I get a unique makerly kind of satisfaction from imagining something, sketching it, and then bringing it into reality. And I think it is this palpable satisfaction that is behind the rapid spread of makerspaces worldwide. At the moment I am getting a lot of this makerly satisfaction from my metalwork projects at the Generator. […]