October Gallery Night and Apple Harvest Festival

This past weekend we had fun sharing some of our work with our fellow Ithacans. On First Friday Gallery Night, we hosted a temporary installation by Xanthe and Ken that included interactive projection, paper textiles with programmed LEDs,  laser cut woodwork, and a web based spin on the game telephone. Following that, we set up […]

Sugru and the Art of Repair

Last night we hosted another Instructables Build Night, this time with the material Sugru. Sugru is an air drying rubber invented by Jane Ní Dhulchaointigh. It can be used to repair, modify, or mash-up existing products. Dhulchaointigh grew up on a farm where there was a DIY spirit and ethos of repair. She was in […]

Art in the Alley

IG participated in First Friday Gallery Night on the 5th of July. Above are a few pics of the projects we shared. Thanks to those who came down to visit! BONUS: cool video here, here, and here

Instructables Build Nights

Ithaca Generator has been invited by the project-sharing platform, Instructables, to participate in their monthly build night program. Each month Instructables chooses a specific material or process to focus on for the build and provides participating makerspaces with  free stuff. In June the featured process was 3D printing. We started off the event with a […]

Ithaca Festival Parade

Thanks, everybody, for coming out to the parade and cheering us on. We had a blast marching down Cayuga Street with our ArtCart, Game of Life, Tardis, Funky Bikes, and costumes. Woo – that was fun. Why don’t we have parades more often?!

First Friday Gallery Night

On the first Friday of each month, many of the art galleries in Ithaca stay open late to participate in Gallery Night which is organized by the Downtown Ithaca Alliance. Ithaca Generator participated in the most recent Gallery Night on May 3 and we had a blast talking creativity with all of the folks who […]

Game night on Friday was a big success!

Game night on Friday was a big success!  Enough people showed up to play games that early on we had trouble finding a game that we could all play.  Luckily John showed up (yet another player!) with Cosmic Wimpout, which is a fine as-many-as-will dice game. I started the game well, scoring 105 points on […]