Fall Course Update

We’re excited to announce upcoming classes, starting in October. There will be lasers, welding, woodcutting, puppet-making, and more! It’s an exciting time for Ithaca Generator (like this new website).

Photos from Week 2 of Maker Camp!

Thanks to Xanthe Matychak for these photos from Maker Camp Week 2! More projects this week including printing with invisible ink, making magic photo cubes and learning Scratch! Links: http://ithacagenerator.org/events/maker-camp-invisible-ink-printer-hack-an-ordinary-inkjet-cartidge-to-print-in-invisible-ink/ andhttp://ithacagenerator.org/events/maker-camp-magic-photo-cube/ andhttp://ithacagenerator.org/events/maker-camp-intro-to-scratch-programming/

Photos from the first week of Maker Camp!

Check out this page to register for upcoming camp projects: http://ithacagenerator.org/make-magazines-maker-camp-at-ig/

Make Magazine’s Maker Camp at IG!

We’re hosting public “Maker Camp” sessions on Mondays and Thursdays this summer featuring innovative technology and art projects for beginner and advanced students. Maker Camp presents a related Google Hangout at 1pm with inspirational makers and inventers from around the world sharing a STEAM / DIY project. Ithaca Generator is offering an opportunity to do the day’s […]

Trash 2 Toys with GIAC and Xraise

For the past 10 weeks we’ve been collaborating with Xraise Lab for Science Outreach and Make Better Stuff to offer “Trash 2 Toys” workshops for kindergardeners and 1st graders in the GIAC After School Program. The kids have been making toys with found materials and learning all kinds of cool stuff like how to make simple […]

From Sketch to Reality: Metalwork at the Generator

I get a unique makerly kind of satisfaction from imagining something, sketching it, and then bringing it into reality. And I think it is this palpable satisfaction that is behind the rapid spread of makerspaces worldwide. At the moment I am getting a lot of this makerly satisfaction from my metalwork projects at the Generator. […]

Now with Classes, Clubs and Projects

Ithaca Generator is now not only open (see our open times here) but we are launching our very exciting educational program. Our programming consists of classes (a series of one to eight meetings led by an instructor), clubs (ongoing meetings without structure) and projects (sporadic gatherings with a goal). A few of our classes are […]

Teach a Class

Ithaca Generator makerspace is now accepting program proposals for January, February, and March. Programs can be social or educational, and they can be a one-time event, multi-day workshop, or 8 or 10 week class. Some requested topics include: Intro to Electronics, Computer Programming, Metalworking, Intro to Arduinos, and Game Design – but we also look […]

Students Attacked by Killer Robots

Ithaca Generator’s educational program has begun: last month we hosted an awesome NXT robotics class. A dozen students competed individually and in pairs to design robots for a variety of interesting challenges. Four mentors from the Encouraging Young Engineers and Scientists program at Cornell offered experienced guidance, from introducing programming to the beginning students, to […]