Interview: Jennifer Westling, IC Women in Computing

  Jennifer Westling is an IG member, CS student at Ithaca College, and co-founder of IC Women in Computing (ICWC). Recently her group hosted a “Get Your Git On” event at IC and invited IG President, Jenn Colt, to lead the workshop. We caught up with Jennifer Westling to get the details. IG: So you just […]

Meet Our Interns

The Generator has been blessed with the presence of three Lehman Alternative Community School interns on Thursdays: Lukas, Max Gilmore, and Ian Cullings. They have been sorting electronics components, salvaging electronics parts, helping set up shop tools, and helping with bike repairs. Thanks guys!

Now with Classes, Clubs and Projects

Ithaca Generator is now not only open (see our open times here) but we are launching our very exciting educational program. Our programming consists of classes (a series of one to eight meetings led by an instructor), clubs (ongoing meetings without structure) and projects (sporadic gatherings with a goal). A few of our classes are […]