DIY Prescription Glasses by Kirby!

Super fun project – thanks to member Kirby for sharing his process on video! Check it out:  

Building a Boat at the Ithaca Generator

For my winter project last year, I built a Standup Paddleboard at the Generator. I chose the 14 foot Kaholo kit from Chesapeake Light Craft. As boats go, this is one of the smallest and easiest to build kits, typically taking a new builder about 60 hours. I made a few modifications and chatted with other Generator […]

repost: Make Better Stuff Lab at IG

  originally posted on by IG member Xanthe Matychak Last night my students from the Make Better Stuff lab at Ithaca College hosted a public laser cutter demo at Ithaca Generator for First Friday. The Make Better Stuff Lab is a course that I wrote for IC freshmen in which they learn about sustainable […]

Summer Fun at The Makerspace

Hi IG Community. Summer is here – yay! – and there are a few things you should know about: 1. Robo Sumo and Open House. We’ll be open all day Saturday 30 May for Ithaca Festival. Mark will be hosting a Robo Sumo event for those who want to build and compete. Plus we’ll just be open […]

4Ps of the Media Lab

Last week Jenn C and I went to the Scratch Conference at MIT Media Lab. Scratch is a visual programming language developed by folks in the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at MIT and the Graduate School of Education at Harvard. The goal of the project is to help kids (and adults) transform themselves from “consumers of stuff” […]

A Game Promoting Full-Group Participation

 image: Paul and Vic passing a virtual ball, a light, using IR transmitters and receivers A handful of us at IG are developing a game for Ithaca Festival.  The project started with the question “What makes us feel like we matter?” One of the answers we agreed on was “listening and being heard.” So we […]

John Reeser on meaningful games

Next Sunday, Jenn Colt and I are offering a workshop of sorts, a space for people who want to make games that are personally meaningful in some way, with guidance and development support for those who want it. In preparation, I thought I’d share a few of the games that have had an impact on […]

Ithaca Generator Wins Second Place in Maker Faire Power Racing Series!

Our electric race car “the Dragon” wowed the crowds last week at the Maker Faire in New York City. We’ve been hard at work all summer building the car out of bike parts and steel tubing, engineering a novel tilting chassis that allows the driver to lean into turns, and decorating the body with a […]

Team Race Condition Racing to Build a Power Wheels Race Car

As noted in a previous post, Ithaca Generator has formed a crack team of makers to build our very own race car. We intend to race in the NYC Maker Faire Power Racing Series in September. In spite of our inexperience and wild ambition to build a novel tilting vehicle, we are making progress! We […]

A freestanding cabinet project

by Mark Zifchock This is a cabinet that I designed and executed at Ithaca Generator.  It’s rough proportions are considered to reflect patterns in the concrete walls at our house, and to work with the existing room dimensions.  I selected a 3/4 inch poplar veneered plywood for two of the walls and the door.  The […]