Mini-Makers Show Off Their Glow Box

Here’s a video of my 8-year-old, Louisa, presenting our Glow Box at a recent Generator Lunch.

Now with Classes, Clubs and Projects

Ithaca Generator is now not only open (see our open times here) but we are launching our very exciting educational program. Our programming consists of classes (a series of one to eight meetings led by an instructor), clubs (ongoing meetings without structure) and projects (sporadic gatherings with a goal). A few of our classes are […]

Generator Stalwarts to Compete in Power Wheels Competition

As a makerspace, Ithaca Generator is joining a growing community of makerspaces around the world. Makerspaces regularly engage in behavior that is both high-tech and absurd. Case in point: the annual Power Wheels competition held annually at Maker Faires in several large cities. For this competition makerspaces construct small cars that race around a track. […]

Make a Photo Mobile Holiday “Card”

Take a moment to deconstruct the concept of the “holiday card”. What exactly is its function? To share news of the year with far-flung family and friends? To send them a family photo? And to share something of beauty that you made yourself? Every year the Clarkbergs like to push the boundaries of what constitutes […]