Ithaca Generator Wins Second Place in Maker Faire Power Racing Series!

Our electric race car “the Dragon” wowed the crowds last week at the Maker Faire in New York City. We’ve been hard at work all summer building the car out of bike parts and steel tubing, engineering a novel tilting chassis that allows the driver to lean into turns, and decorating the body with a […]

Team Race Condition Racing to Build a Power Wheels Race Car

As noted in a previous post, Ithaca Generator has formed a crack team of makers to build our very own race car. We intend to race in the NYC Maker Faire Power Racing Series in September. In spite of our inexperience and wild ambition to build a novel tilting vehicle, we are making progress! We […]

Generator Stalwarts to Compete in Power Wheels Competition

As a makerspace, Ithaca Generator is joining a growing community of makerspaces around the world. Makerspaces regularly engage in behavior that is both high-tech and absurd. Case in point: the annual Power Wheels competition held annually at Maker Faires in several large cities. For this competition makerspaces construct small cars that race around a track. […]