Clubs and Projects

Ithaca Generator hosts a bunch of ongoing clubs. Some of our clubs are sponsored by affiliate organizations such as Family Math and Friends Bike Clinic. We also embark upon various makerspace-related projects that are always fun and sometimes useful, such as working on our Power Racing Series car. Attendance at our clubs and projects is free for both makerspace members and non-members. Some clubs may put out a donations jar. However, non-members who find themselves attending regularly are encouraged to become members. Clubs and projects may have materials and tool costs; participants arrange to share these costs with each other. Tools and materials not owned by the makerspace should be kept in members’ personal storage space or taken home after each session.

All clubs and projects are held at Ithaca Generator, 116 West Green St., unless noted otherwise.

Show and Tell and Lunch

Facilitator: Laurence Clarkberg
Meeting times: Fridays 11:30am to 1pm
Location: Crow’s Nest Café at Autumn Leaves Bookstore on the Commons
You’re a maker. Bring what you make to the Crow’s Nest every Friday, order lunch, and tell us about it.

Game Developer’s Clinic

Facilitator: Mark Zifchock
Meeting times: Thursdays 6pm – 8pm
Location: Ithaca Generator

Interested in developing video games? This club is for anyone who is developing a video game (all experience and skill levels are welcome). It is an opportunity to hang out and work with like-minded people, share ideas, and get support from other game developers.

Science Fiction Book Club

Club facilitator: Jenn Colt
Meeting times: monthly on second Tuesdays 6:30pm to 7:30pm
Science Fiction fans unite! If you enjoy reading sci-fi novels, this is a great way to get turned onto new authors and hang out with like-minded people. We’ll take turns picking books to read and leading the discussion. If you haven’t finished the book you are still welcome to come to the meeting :). Join the discussion online in this club’s forum.

Open Board Meetings

Facilitator: The Board
Meeting times: Third Thursday of the month, 8pm to 9:30pm
Technically not a club but an administrative meeting, our Open Board Meetings are an opportunity for members and prospective members to voice their opinions about the direction and policies of Ithaca Generator. These meetings can be surprisingly engaging for people who like this sort of thing. Regulars are encouraged to join a committee.

Weekly Bike Repair Clinic

Facilitator: Laurence Clarkberg
Meeting times: to be determined
Starting this spring Friends Bike Clinic ( will hold free bike clinics once a week in Press Bay Alley during nice weather. Everyone is welcome! We are an all-volunteer organization. Come to work on your bike, to help others fix their bike, or just to talk about bikes and biking. Learn how to make small repairs to your bike.

Maker Biker Club

Facilitator: Laurence Clarkberg
Meeting times: see the classes Introduction to TIG Welding: Make a Funky Bike and Framebuilding
Currently we are meeting in the context of these classes but we hope to spin off a regularly scheduled club this summer. We hope to get into actually making bikes and accessories rather than just repairs. Follow our progress on this club’s forum.

3D Printing Meetup

Facilitator: Chris Westling (
When: Tuesdays 6pm to closing time
Are you interested in 3D printing? So are we. Stop in and find out more about this growing do-it-yourself technology, or bring your printer and let’s make some stuff! The desktop manufacturing revolution is upon us! 3D printers are becoming more commonplace in our homes and offices, and the technology for affordable, do-it-yourself 3D printers is more affordable all the time. Want to learn more about this cool field? We’ll talk about the printers, the design software, the materials and any other thing that comes up. We’ll bring a 3d printer at The Generator every Tuesday night, and you can queue up your files to be printed for a reasonable donation. Do you have a 3d printer? Bring it in and join the printer party! We’ll also be working on building a permanent 3d printer for the space, so come join us if you’re interested in finding out more about building your own rapid prototyping machine. Join the discussion on this club’s forum.

CNC Project

Facilitator: Abram Connelly
When: to be determined
The makerspace owns a desktop CNC that is under construction. Help us get this puppy up and running! Follow our progress on this club’s forum.

Power Racing Series: Team Generator

Facilitator: Claire Fox
When: to be determined
Makerspaces regularly engage in behavior that is both high-tech and absurd. Case in point: the annual Power Wheels competition held annually at Maker Faires in several large cities. For this competition makerspaces construct small cars that race around a track. That’s the normal “tech” part. The absurd part is that the cars must be Power Wheels plastic toy cars, and that teams must spend less than $500 on parts. Join our team as we race towards victory at the NYC Maker Faire this fall. Follow our progress on this club’s forum.

Makerspace Security Project

Facilitator: Abram Connelly
When: to be determined
Ever dream of making the ultimate security system? Now is your chance. Of course our goal is to protect our stuff at the makerspace. But that won’t stop us from taking measures that are of dubious utility but display our technological bravado. Follow our progress on this club’s forum.

Arduino Club?

If you are interested in joining an Arduino club we encourage you to contact Chris Westling and consider taking his Arduino class. And join the discussion in our Microcontroller Club forum.