Micro:Bit Robot class

7:00 pm - 9:00 pm, 06/07/2018

Build and program a robot at the Ithaca Generator!

2 wheeled robot
A simple 2 wheeled Robot based on the Micro:bit computer

Build a simple two wheeled robot and learn how to program it. You’ll learn about prototyping a circuit using a breadboard, about motors and motor controllers, and how to program the Micro:bit, a tiny programmable computer developed by the BBC for education. We’ll demonstrate how to control the robot using another micro:bit or your phone over bluetooth and we’ll discuss using the onboard compass and motion sensor to drive in a given direction and sense when the robot runs into something. After the class, join us at the electronics build nights every other Thursday to expand on your knowledge.

The class is free for members (or join to gain access). Tools and materials are provided. If you want to take the robot home, the kit, including the micro:bit, is $45. Please bring a laptop (any type) if you have one, otherwise we can provide one.

Building and testing the robot takes about an hour. The test program provided allows you to control the robot with a second micro:bit ($22). We’ll spend the second hour learning to program the robot to do things like roll forward and turn, or point North.

A complete course outline is available online. Contact paul@prdavis.com if you have questions.

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