Woodworking Class

1:00 pm - 4:00 pm, 04/14/2018

taught by Greg Armstrong and members of the Woodworking Team

Date and time: 1pm to 4pm second Saturdays beginning April 14th 2018 unless otherwise scheduled
Prerequisites: none; no previous woodworking knowledge necessary
Cost: free for IG members
Class Size: 1-3 students
Tools you will learn to use: Table Saw, Miter Saw, Planer, Dust Collector, Drills/Drill Press, Bandsaw, Brad Nailer, Hand Plane, trigger/bar clamps, laser cut templates (made for this class), ⅛”, 3/16” and ⅜” drill bit
Materials: 1 2”x10”x4’, 8 2” self drilling #8 wood screws, 8 button top wood plugs, 2” brad nails, wood glue, paint/stain
Material cost: none, materials will be provided
The woodworking area will be unavailable when class is in session.
Completing this class will certify you to use Ithaca Generator’s woodworking equipment.

Learn to use the Ithaca Generator woodshop! You’ll take home an attractive and useful step stool as well as a working knowledge of all the major tools in the Ithaca Generator woodshop. All tools and materials provided by the Ithaca Generator. No prior woodworking experience required: suitable for beginners just learning the basics up to intermediate makers looking to hone their skills.