What is Ithaca Generator?

Ithaca Generator is a Makerspace, a place for inventors, crafters, designers, engineers and artists to come together and share resources, ideas and projects. We provide workshop space, tools, classes and social opportunities for makers in the local community.

Where is Ithaca Generator?

Ithaca Generator is located at 116 West Green St. in Ithaca, New York. We held our grand opening in early 2013.

What tools are available?

A list of tools is available on our wiki.

What kinds of projects do people work on?

Members work on a variety of projects, everything from sculpture to CNC routers to electric bikes to air quality monitors to software. Some members are very experienced as makers and others are just starting out.

When can I work on my projects at Ithaca Generator?

Members who join Ithaca Generator at standard or higher levels of membership are given keys to the workshop and may use the space whenever there is not a scheduled activity. Members who do not have keys to the space may use the space any time it is opened by a member with a key. In addition, some members of Ithaca Generator have agreed to staff the workshop at specified times. Check the calendar for the schedule.

How can I join Ithaca Generator?

For information about joining, you can check out the Join Us page on our web site or email info@ithacagenerator.org.