Finishing Furnishing

We are almost finished furnishing the makerspace. After our open house last month we set right to work. Our classroom plan called for flexibility: it is now set up so that we can move our folding tables out of the center of the room in order to hold robot competitions, play Twister, and work on our Power Racing race car together. A problem arose: the two tables that had been donated were so large that they dominated the room. The solution: cut the tables in half, bolt huge-mongous peg boards to the backs, and turn them into workbenches (as shown below). Four tables for the price of two!

Our workshop plan called for a similar arrangement: shop tools that inhabit the periphery until they are called forth to the center of the room, if necessary, to do our bidding. We now have a mitre saw for cross cuts, a radial saw that will be our main rip cut workhorse, a band saw for the squiggly cuts, and a drill press for making beautiful holes. And of course we have both of the quintessential makerspace tools, a 3D printer and a CNC. Rumor has it that funds are accumulating to purchase a laser cutter/engraver.

Our peg boards are still a bit bare: if you have small tools to donate we would be forever grateful. Power tools we need include a circular saw, a handheld jig saw, cordless drills and screwdrivers, a bench belt and disc sander, a handheld angle grinder, and a bench grinder. And extension cords. Hand tools we need include clamps of various kinds, a set of chisels, a pry bar, and channel locks. And I encourage members to buy small tools they need for their projects, then donate them to the makerspace when they are done. If we all indulge steadily in these small acts of generosity, in short order the makerspace will be fully stocked.

Many thanks to the Cornell Computer Reuse Associates for donating nine very nice computers and associated peripherals to the makerspace. You guys rock! They wanted me to tell you that they have many more computers available to give to non-profits. I should note that due to space limitations Ithaca Generator is no longer accepting monitors or desktop computer donations.