First monthly housekeeping gathering!

This Saturday 3/8/2014 from 11:00a – 3:00p all who are willing and able are encouraged to attend the first monthly Generator Housekeeping Day. Come on down for some or all of it as your schedule permits. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Participation is, of course, totally on a voluntary basis. That being said it’s way more fun and much easier work the more people that pitch in. Think of it as an opportunity to socialize and meet fellow Generators, while at the same time helping to keep our beloved Makerspace an inviting and productive environment for social gatherings, educational workshops, and individual projects.

To ensure that everyone’s time is used as efficiently as possible, I’ll have a list of tasks that need doing and gather the requisite cleaning supplies ahead of time. I’ll write the task list up on a whiteboard in the space so people can easily find something to do, see who’s doing what at a glance, team up with others, and get the job done. You can even add something to the list if you have some special cleaning/organizing interest.

The goal will be to have pick up trucks loaded with stuff destined for the junkyard ready to roll by 3:00p in order get to the dump by the 3:30p closing time.

Here are some examples of the types of tasks you can expect to see:
Clear off and wipe down all counter space
Sweep and mop main space (save for last)
Sweep and mop bathroom, disinfect sink and toilet
Determine what’s trash and put it in one spot for 3:00p dump run
Clean and organize the kitchen corner
Set up interesting projects in the dividing wall squares
Identify storage area (off-site?) for the vent hood and transport it there
Organize crafts materials, perhaps even constructing shelves
Hope to see you there!

Kind Regards

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