Floor Plan Discussion

At our general meeting on Thursday Rama Hoetzlein led a discussion about possible floor plans for our makerspace space. The three options shown below vary mainly in how much space we allocate to an (educational/safer tools/low dust and noise) area and how much we allocate to a (professional/dangerous tools/dusty and noisy area). Our final floorplan decision will also depend on insurance considerations and physical constraints of the space.

As shown, the Gen-Ed (Generator Educational) space will have a conference table, projector screen, crafts materials and tools, and a 3D printer. It may also have a laser cutter/engraver and soldering stations. The Gen-Pro (Generator Professional) space will have power tools such as a CNC (computer numerical control, basically a computer controlled router), a band saw, a miter saw, a drill press, possibly a table saw, a welder and a grinder. The tools we actually end up getting depends in part upon you, dear reader, and how much you are able to participate and contribute. Join us!