Game night on Friday

Come out for Game Night this Friday at 7pm. Here’s what Buddha has in store:

We have board games, card games, and mind games.  Games for adults, games for kids, games for all ages.  If you think we’d enjoy a game, bring it!

Last time we played a couple of games of Cosmic Encounter, a classic game of interstellar colonization and warfare.  You play a starfaring race, trying to expand to 5 xenocolonies faster than your opponents.  There are temporary alliances, backstabbing, and each race has it’s own special powers which bend the rules, just for you.  By request, I’ll be bringing it back this time.
That does not mean that other games can’t, or won’t be played.  Heck, it doesn’t even mean that Cosmic Encounter will be played! What we play depends solely on what’s available, and what people want to play.
I’d be up for a game of Betrayal in the House on the Hill, or Takenoko, both fun-looking games featured recently on Tabletop, but I don’t have them.  If you have one of them, I’d encourage you to bring them and get some game on!

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