Gifts for Geeks – Holiday Make Sale on Dec 6


On Friday 6 December we’re hosting a Holiday Make Sale from 5-8pm in concert with the First Friday Gallery night. The pictures above are of a few items we’ll have at the sale – all made by IG members!

This is a great night to come out and find gifts you can’t find anywhere else. The gifts at our sale will be tech-focused but there’s great locally-made stuff all over town. A few other spots to check out:

The Ink Shop – a member-run print shop. All of the artists are great but make a special effort to check out work by Craig Mains.

Ithacamade – this shop features work from a dozen or so local artisans and home base to Jan Norman’s graphic clothes and accessories line Silk Oak.

Handwork – a coop craft gallery right near Ithaca Generator, I go there for inspiration all of the time. Check out the leather work by Gio Marmora.

Contemporary Trends – OK, so the stuff here is not local. But a lot of it is made by small design shops that do small-batch production runs. Definitely worth a look.

If you have some locally made stuff to share, post it in the comments. And we hope to see you on December 6 at Ithaca Generator. Bring friends!

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  1. December 6th will also be the first day of the Awesome Indie Market! They’ll be open on the Commons December 6, 7 and 8 and the market will feature 40 Local area artists selling everything you need & want for Holiday Gifts :)

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