Instructables Build Nights

Ithaca Generator has been invited by the project-sharing platform, Instructables, to participate in their monthly build night program. Each month Instructables chooses a specific material or process to focus on for the build and provides participating makerspaces with  free stuff. In June the featured process was 3D printing. We started off the event with a discussion about the significance of 3D Printing. We were joined by a few info science PhD candidates from Cornell which added dimension to the discussion (pun intended!). After that, we used Tinkercad and other Autodesk apps to make 3D models. In the picture above on the right, two young makers are using 123D Creature to model a scary monster! Another participant used Tinkercad to model a face mold for an acorn. Yes, you read that correctly, a face mold for an acorn. We’ll post the results of that experiment in the fall! And another participant who is a math professor at Cornell, pictured above on the left, created a 3D model of an ellipsoid. He has been working with them, theoretically, for years. But when we handed him the physical object off the 3D printer, he smiled and said, “This is the first time I’ve ever held an ellipsoid!”

We think that’s pretty cool.

The next build night is on July 24th and will feature an air drying rubber called Sugru. We hope you can come!

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