Join Us!

Ready to join Ithaca Generator? We’d love to have you become a member! Please follow these steps:

1. Read our Membership Policies.

2. Now that you are familiar with our policies, pick the kind of Ithaca Generator membership that’s right for you. You can find our different membership types below- send us an email if you have any questions.

3. Complete a Membership Application form online.

4. If that doesn’t work for you, print and fill out a Application Form then read and sign a liability waiver. Bring them to the Generator.

5. Arrange payment at the bottom of this page.

6. After you’ve joined, make sure to send an email to info at ithacagenerator dot org so we can add you to our google discussions group.

Discounted membership rates are available for families and students, but we can only accept student discounts through the website at this time. Please contact the treasurer to make family discount payment arrangements. An outline of discounts can be found in the complete schedule of fees.

Basic: $20/month

Beginning at only $20 per month, this is our most affordable option. You’ll have access to the space during our staffed hours (usually 5pm-10pm) and are welcome to hang out in the front room. You may use any of the equipment in the front room, as well as tools in the back room that do not require special training.

Regular basic membership:

Student basic membership:


Starting at $35 per month, this level of membership allows you access to all of our tools. If you only need workshop access during our staffed hours (generally after 5pm on weekdays, or on the weekends) this level is what you want. You are also welcome to socialize or work in the front room during staffed hours.

Regular standard membership:

Student standard membership:

Extra: $75/month

For $75 per month, extra membership provides 24-7 access to the space, and is perfect for members who want the flexibility to come and go during the day or late at night. You will have access to all of the tools in the space and are welcome to use the space any time. Some members choose this level purely out of a desire to give more support to the Makerspace.

Regular extra membership:

Student extra membership: