Maker Spotlight: Casey Griswold

Meet the makers! This is the first in a series of posts introducing you to some of our spectacular members.

Casey first walked into Ithaca Generator as part of a class project. Nearly 4 years later, Casey’s an IG regular who you can find routinely working on the laser cutter.

What have you learned at IG?

I’ve learned a lot about teaching and sharing. Everyone here loves to share their knowledge. Not only do they want you to know how to use all the tools, they want to show you the potential the tools hold. When Greg’s on the lathe, not only is he sharing the proper procedures and tools which are important, he’s also sharing how he uses 2,000 + grit wet sandpaper and super glue which leaves an astonishing finish.

What do you make?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMostly personalized wedding gifts and guest books, family gifts, Harry Potter and Star Wars stuff seem to be a big hit lately… the majority of my stuff can be found on my etsy shop, and I’m also trying to keep my website,, current. Kristina at Amuse keeps me busy too! She always has good ideas for things that will sell well.

What were you surprised by when you became a member?

There’s people with the same mindset – we’re all makers. We just want to build stuff. Everyone’s thinking “why buy that when we can make it?”

What’s next for you to learn here?

Welding! Think about how much cool stuff you can make out of metal. I have yet to even pick up a welding tool though.  It’s good to know Laurence (owner of Boxy Bikes) frequently uses the machines and wouldn’t hesitate to teach me or anyone.

Keep an eye out for regularly scheduled member spotlights, and as always, reach out to IG with any questions about getting involved!