Maker Spotlight: Geri-Safe

Meet the makers! This is part of our series of posts introducing you to some of our spectacular members.

Meet Abhilash, who joined Ithaca Generator in December. He’s the Manufacturing Engineer for wellness device company Geri-Safe.

Why did you join Ithaca Generator?

The workshop is more suited to our next level of prototyping. We need to do some welding and lathe work and more precision tool work for the next version of our device.

So, what exactly is Geri-Safe?

We are a wellness device company. We intend to solve problems for the elderly by making healthcare devices. Currently we’re working on a medication management system called MediTrust. It’s an automated pill dispenser of sorts. It can hold up to 15 medications for 30-45 days.

How has our IG community supported you so far?

My background is in mechanical engineering so I’ve used much of this equipment before becoming a member here, but the community have been really helpful when I have questions.

Anything else to share?

On a personal level this place is like a candy store for me. If I wanted to make something this has everything I would need. But I’ve been so busy with the company I haven’t had time to do personal projects… maybe soon though!

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