Meet the late-night staffers

As we expand open hours, we also want to get to know our new members and staff volunteers. In this post, meet two of our awesome members who have stepped up to keep our doors open until midnight on weeknights!

Caleb Thomas

Staff shift: Wednesday nights, 9pm-midnight
I’m an artist passionate about art as a tool for social justice.  I curate murals in Ithaca.  I match artists with walls to transform spaces into beautiful and meaningful works of art.  Over the next months, I plan to make stencils on the laser cutter as well as engrave wood to later be inked up and hand printed at the Ink Shop Printmaking Center where I am also a member.  I welcome Ithaca Generator members to reach out with ideas for collaboration on street art projects, projects related to justice issues, and anything else you have in mind. I’d like to co-host a fun evening at the Generator sometime soon for people like myself who use (or want to use) Ithaca Generator tools to create art promoting diversity, inclusion, and justice.

– Caleb

Norm Scott

Staff Shift: Tuesday nights, 9pm-midnight

Initially I got a degree in sculpture & worked in cast metal, fabricated metal, and found objects to create “fictional machines”.  After I got out of school, I no longer had access to a foundry, welding rig, or even basic tools like a drill press.  Nobody was hiring any sculptors at any rate and I later went back to school to study sound engineering.  Makerspaces like Ithaca Generator are simply ingenious in the way they crowdsource tools, technology, knowledge, ideas so that anyone who is interested can create amazing things.

My skills/interests:

  • Basic (very basic) proficiency soldering and building simple circuits
  • Have dabbled in Arduino and Raspberry Pi, could help someone get the ball rolling on a project
  • Laser cutting!  (Am trained and presumably could train someone else.)
  • (Note:  I have a basic albeit rusty proficiency in oxy-acetelene, arc, and MIG welding, have been meaning to talk to Laurence about getting trained.)
  • Can teach/mentor recording/audio production; familiar with Pro Tools, Ableton Live, mic technique, multi-track recording, mixing, anything audio
  • Can teach/mentor video production;  familiar with Adobe Premiere & After Effects, production sound, basic lighting.

I enjoy robots, photographing ice, composing weird electronic music, building noisemaking devices, scratching records, being a dad, quiet walks on the beach.