Our Board Meetings Rock

We held our first meeting at the makerspace! As you can see it’s still under construction. Note that our board meeting minutes are now available on our website. These documents, although likely to be boring to an outsider, show that we are an inspired group of people with a wide and deep skill set. We work incredibly well together and we are capable of accomplishing great things. Consider for example the following minute from our most recent board meeting:

“… We encouraged our committees to consider what needs to happen to begin accepting membership dues from the general pubic, and to take action. Buddha will work on a draft membership policy. Claire (Education Committee) will work on a liability form. Vic (Membership Committee) will continue to work on the membership form. We agreed to work on these three forms online so that we can sign the forms ourselves at our next meeting. Larry (Marketing Committee) and Buddha (Treasurer) will determine what software is necessary to accept membership registrations.”

You know that by our next board meeting these tasks will be done and that they will be done with a high degree of professionalism. Why am I telling you this? I want you to rest assured that when you donate to the Generator your money is not going to some lazy shady guy in a back room. You are making a sound investment in a group of people who have the energy and skills to make good things happen in Ithaca. However this dynamic group may not have enough money at this moment to make those things happen. So donate. Click the Pay Now button in the right sidebar of this website. Good things will happen as a result.