Past events

Welding In Depth

3D Printing In Depth

Woodworking In Depth

Advanced Computer Music

Introduction to Computer Music

Lego Robots

Learn 3D Printing In A Day

Laser Cut Design Studio | Oct 3 | 5-8pm

Electric Bike Conversion

Learn Welding In A Day

Learn Woodworking In A Day

TARDIS console build for Makerfaire! donate parts

Pop up Design Studio at Art in the Alley

Wacky Science Wednesdays - Glowing with Electricity

Make Custom Furniture from Upcycled Pallets

Maker Camp: Heaven's Flame Solar Cooker

Maker Camp: Hack your toys with Lego and Sugru!

Cancelled: Can you make it say something?: Intro to Twitter bots

Tech & Engineering camp for girls

Making Tensegrity Structures

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