Past events

Bobbin Lace - 1559 patterns

Practical Sewing: Hand and Machine Basics

Game Design: Level 1

Simplify Your Life in 2014

Internet of Things 101 - Get your Arduino talking to the outside world

Drawing Heros, Villains and Monsters: Character Illustration

New Year Molybdomancy

Silk Scarf Painting - rescheduled

Cancelled: Scratch Club (November)

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Party!

Eyeballs and Brains, Halloween Anatomy Open Lab!

Scratch Club (October)

Introduction to Raspberry Pi

Easy to Advanced Websites with WordPress

Mindstorm Robotics

Global Cardboard Challenge - Caine's Arcade

Scratch Club (September)

Arduino basics, a little programming, a little electronics, a little making (fall '13)


Animation Smorgasbord

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