Past events

Learn 3D design with AutoDesk 123D

Solar 101/501, Basics of solar energy with extra detail for graduate level geeks

Introduction to Twine - create with hypertext

Open Lab: Light to Sound Converter Circuit

How to use Tinkercad for 3D printing

Revamp Camp

Maker Camp: The Diddly Bow

Caveman Chemistry: 28 Projects from the Creation of Fire to the Production of Plastics

Maker Camp: Makey Makey Banana Piano

Tabletop Board Game Design Class

Pinhole Camera

Maker Camp: Pixilation, Full Body Stop Motion Animation

Maker Camp: T-shirt printing with a photographic print process

Maker Camp: Learn to Solder robot badge kit

Maker Camp: Intro to Scratch Programming

Instructables Build Night: Sugru!

Maker Camp: Magic Photo Cube

Maker Camp: Invisible Ink Printer - hack an ordinary inkjet cartidge to print in invisible ink!

Maker Camp: EL-Wire hoodie

DIY Scratch Games

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