People Create at the Laser Cut Design Studio!

At Ithaca Generator, we believe that creativity exists in every corner of our community. And that by providing public access to 21st century tools and technologies we increase the chances of discovering tomorrow’s brightest inventors and innovators. In this  spirit, we hosted a Pop Up Design Studio on Oct 3rd and invited the public to manufacture their designs on our Epilog Zing 40 watt laser.

Since the barrier to entry to a lot of 21st century technology is software, we had a team of design consultants from Ithaca College’s Park School of Communications to help people out: Alexandra Alteio, Carolyn Hartley, Elissa DeBruyn, Kasey Speth, Nicole Viteritti, and  Aaron Zufall.

Here’s how it worked: Nicole invited visitors to come in and hand draw some designs. Then Alex, Carolyn, Elissa, and Kasey converted their drawings to vector files. These individual files were sent wirelessly to Aaron (who networked all of their computers before the event). Then Aaron ganged up the files for production on a 24x12in piece of plywood and sent that file wirelessly to Mark Z who dialed in the settings and sent the job to the Zing . We cut about 20 designs throughout the night and they just kept getting better!

So thank you to every one who came out. A special thank you to our volunteer production team. Additionally, thanks to Buddha, Bez, Jeremy, and Marty who brought food and smiles (!) and Ken for donating the 3mm birch ply.

If you want to get your hands on these tools and tech,  join as a member or take some classes.

“The next billion-dollar idea isn’t going to come from Apple; it’s going to come from designers and artists and parents.”

Ayah Bdeir



more pics here

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