Play-testing at game night

It seems like only a little over a week since the last Game Night, and now it’s a little less than a week until the next one. I guess that’s how bi-weekly Game Nights work.

We have something special planned for this game night, so I hope that a lot of folks can show up. John Reeser is teaching a class on game design, and he’s asked his students to bring their prototype games to the Game Night for play-testing and critique. The challenge was to take a game which sucks, and using principles of game design, alter them to suck less.

Two students are planning on bringing prototypes (the rest couldn’t make Friday evening), and the rest would like folks to show up to their March 23rd class (from 1pm-2pm) to playtest the rest.
I’m looking forward to it. I hope you will, too.

In addition, we have the usual assortment of games, including others you may wish to bring.

See you then!

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