Report on Our October 6th Dance Marathon Fundraiser

On October 6th Ithaca Generator held a dance marathon fundraiser we called The 12-Hour Dance Out. Eight intrepid dancers collected pledges and danced for up to 12 hours in support of the Generator; additional dancers signed on on the day of the event to collect even more money; eight of Ithaca’s best DJ’s provided music; an artist created paintings of the event; Omnom Omelettes provided food; Generator member Norm Scott provided projection art; and we made use of the Leslie Puryear Community Stage constructed last summer as a joint project of Cornell’s Building Community student group, Grassroots, and the Generator. The Downtown Ithaca Alliance provided material support for the event and many Generator members staffed our donation table. Thanks everyone!

Most importantly the event raised about $1,600 for Ithaca Generator’s new pottery studio, mini-machine shop, and card access door system. We gave lots of tours of the makerspace that day and we attracted several new members. Expenses were high, on the order of $1,000, but most of the expense was for the FirstGiving fundraising software that we plan to make extensive use of next spring to raise money for our expansion. And another software purchase will benefit makerspace members: see Norm Scott about using the VDMX projection effects software he purchased for the Generator. Norm has written a blog about the software and the event here. The rest of the expense was mainly for printing posters, flyers and programs that I designed gratis for the event. I like to make posters.

The Generator is greatly indebted to the main organizer Remanu Panther, who is a one-man creative force in Ithaca. Norm and I supported Remanu in his organizing efforts and we hope to work with him on future events. In addition to helping Remanu I was a participant in the dance marathon (you can call me X-Static Master Clarkberg). For me personally the event was 12 hours of pure bliss. And many others enjoyed it as well. And the Generator now has the reputation for being able to host grand neighborhood-rocking events. We plan to do some kind of music and dance event every First Friday Gallery Night in perpetuity; stay tuned!

-Laurence Clarkberg