Spring into Action with IG and the Johnson Museum of Art



This Saturday we’ll be at the Johnson Art Museum for their Spring into Action family event!

In our activity, inspired by Mark Dion, you will imagine that you are a future archaeologist, excavating artifacts from this time period. You discover enormous piles of plastic fragments and broken electronic waste, and learn about the environmental challenges faced by people in the year 2014. Your job is to preserve a few of these objects by arranging them, suspended in hand sanitizer, in a display vial.  You will create a museum label about how these objects were used, and what life was like during this time period. What do you think that people 200 or 1,000 years in the future will think of all of the plastic that we throw away? What will they think about our use of electronics?  Or perhaps they don’t know what these objects were used for… what might they guess?

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