Summer Fun at The Makerspace

Hi IG Community. Summer is here – yay! – and there are a few things you should know about:

1. Robo Sumo and Open House. We’ll be open all day Saturday 30 May for Ithaca Festival. Mark will be hosting a Robo Sumo event for those who want to build and compete. Plus we’ll just be open and staffed if you’d like to come down and get a tour, ask about membership, see the stuff we’ve been doing, or share a project of your own.

2. National Week of Making. We’re hosting free and open events every day of White House Maker Week, June 12-18. We’re kicking off the week with a panel discussion called “Makers Makin Waves” and wrapping up the week with a Town Hall focused on how makers can help solve local problems. In between we’ll have tools & skills based workshops. This is a great opportunity get a sense of what IG members are capable of.

3. Invention Workshop. Claire has teamed up with Abovoagogo Art Studio to host a week long invention workshop for ages 6 and up, July 21-31. She’s hosted workshops like this before and it’s amazing to see the ideas that participants come up with an even more amazing to see them build functioning prototypes.

4. Pressbay Alley. It’s just a beautiful place these days. We’ve got a new coffee shop that’s super tasty, a Circus School opening soon, Lou’s Hot Dogs and Carolina’s Colombian Food Cart, Bramble Herbalists, Life’s So Sweet Chocolates, Meat Locker and Full Plate CSA distributions, Electric Bike Rentals, and Made in America gifts at Amuse.

See our calendar for details and come on down!